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new advanced technologies and out into space. If you love
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Thursday, November 19, 2020 - Episode 35 - Season Finale (rated Adult)
Episode 17: Woodpecker's Amazing Superpowers | Horseshoe Crab's Powerful Blood | Artificial Cartilage
Episode 18: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope | First Edit to Mitochondria DNA | Cataract Surgery
Season 01
Episode 16: Mars, the God of War | Ultrasound and the Brain | People and Dogs May Soon Live Longer
Episode 15: It's Raining Plastic | Making Fuel from Sunlight & Air | NASA Funds Hunt for Alien Civilizations
Episode 14: Earth's Magnetic Field | Human Hibernation | Dads Experience Postpartum Depression Too
Episode 13: Plant-Based Diets | Genetically Modified mosquitoes  | Coronavirus & Dutch Mink Farms
Episode 12: Going Back To The Moon | Climate Change St. Augustine, FL  | Immune System Herbs
Episode 11: New Energy Weapon | Earth's Rare Elements | Volcano Erupts Diamonds
Episode 10: Octomom | The Artifical Eye | NASA Spaceflight Simulator
Episode 09: Permafrost Melting | Human Chimera | Giant Lizards
Episode 08: Rescue Dog's Super Powers | Elon Musk's Neuralink | Asian Giant Hornets
Episode 07: Heart Attak Risk May Be Foreseen In Your Genes | Spinal Cord Injury May Soon Have A Cure
Episode 06: Copper Kills Viruses, Including Coronavirus | Rice Engineered to Resist Heatwaves
Episode 05: Gene Drive Disarms Deadly Pathogen | Gene Variant Drives Back Alzheimers
Episode 04: NASA's New Telescope | Smart Toilets
Episode 19: Humans Horrorfying Use of Radium | Every Human Contains Radiation | Eyeballs with Teeth
Episode 20: New Way To Extract Lithium From The Ocean | Revolutionary Advances in X-Ray Science
           Fungus Growing at Chernobyl Could Protect Astronauts From Cosmic Rays
Episode 21: What Can We Learn From Ants About Epidemics? | Fast Radio Bursts
            Construction of World’s Largest Fusion Reactor
Episode 22: Lockheed Martin's Hypersonic SR-72 Jet | The Robot Scientists Are Coming
             Hydrogen-Powered HypercarReactor
Episode 23: NASA Trip To Ceres | COVID19 Risk of Memory Loss | NASA Psyche Mission
              Quantum Messages | Imminent Human Extinction | Bacteria Evolve
Episode 24: Blue Origin Engineers Deliver Prototype Moon Lander to NASA | Florida GMO Mosquitoes
               Earth Moving Through Radioactive Debris | Batteries powered by Nuclear Waste
Episode 25: Artificial Skin, Ring Cameras, Laser Tweezers, Amazon Drones, Hologram,
                Antigravity, Pollution and Sharks
Episode 26: Reading Increases Empathy - Space Force - Backpack Drones - First Earth Life
                  Small Nuclear Reactors - Mighty Mice - Walmart Drones
Episode 27: China Launching Lunar Return Mission, Chinese Space Mining Robot,
                   Russia Claims Venus, Bionic Eye, Mailing Brains, Deepfake Videos
Episode 28: Ring Drone, COVID Tests Via Drone, NASA Updates, Air Force Laser,
                    Fungus Coffin, California Car Ban, Exoplanet
Episode 29: Microsurgery Robots, Enzyme Devours Plastic, Hydrogen-Powered Plane, Space Force,
                       Yellowstone Pulsing, Yellowstone’s lake's Surprise, 5 Spacecraft Are Leaving Our Solar System
Episode 30: Hydrogen Semi Truck, 13-Year-Old Achieved Atomic Fusion, Mushroom Leather,
                        DARPA Rocket, Russian Hypersonic Nuke, NASA Wants Volunteers
Episode 31: Humans Evolving, Tardigrade, Lightsaber, Transporting Light, Final Soyuz Launch with NASA
Episode 32: Explosive Lake, Voyager Detectionss, China's Spaceplane, Drone Fireballs, Robodog,
                           Digit Robot, Moon's 4G Network
Episode 33: Meteorite Contains Organic Matter, Earth 2.0?, Molecule in Titan's Atmosphere, Scientists Create
                           First 3D Aneurysm, NASA and ESA Spacestation, Light on Jupiter, Future Mega-Droughts
Episode 34: Japanese Spaceport, Spaceforce Spacship, Storing Wind Power,
Infrared Humans Can See, Starlink, Diamonds, Apophis